Project/Activity Based Learning@2019


By cultivating student’s hands-on ability and creativity and inspiring interest in STEM.

A visit to a museum is a search for beauty, truth and meaning in our life.
Museum is also a place of ideas.

Not all classrooms have walls. Teach the students to explore, to learn and to live.

Mdm Rose did not only teach us how to make healthy Boba Tea, she also

encouraged the students to not hide their talents but to discover and embrace

God’s gifts in their lives.

National Day Celebration 2019 (Practice what they have learned)

Hoping to inspire students to become a palaeontologist, zoologist or scientist one day

Astronomy and Cosmos Week.
Did you know…? Let’s learn some fun and facts about the International Space Station (ISS)

Model United Nations

Capillary action in plants


Christmas Celebration and Award Presentation@2018



Jurassic Classroom@2018

Green Tech Malaysia@2018

Visitors from Shanghai and Zhengzhou,China @2018

Mars Project 2 – Building Ice House in Mars @2018


Life Skills@2018

i got talent 2018

Ping pong and Group Activities

TAR UC Visitation

Student Leader Elections@2018